Trips in and around Val Venosta
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Trips in and around Val Venosta


Venice is a city that absolutely must be seen – and in reality the city is even more beautiful than you ever imagined! Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal are the most famous sights. You can visit Venice year-round. The city is always in season and each time of year has its own charm.

The Rhaetian Railway (Rhäthische Bahn)

Do you remember dreaming of a landscape complete with high mountains and lush meadows, with farmhouses and lots of cows? And in the mountains there would be enormous glaciers and small blue lakes? And every now and then the small train would disappear into a tunnel only to reappear again a little while later crossing an imposing bridge above a deep gorge? And didn't you wish for lots and lots of tracks and points so you could think up new travel possibilities and enjoy new experiences over and over again?

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is one of the most famous holiday resorts in the world and its name is synonymous with quality and elegance. Find out all that St. Moritz is known for today, why its name is copyright protected, how it developed from its humble beginnings with pilgrims visiting its mineral sources until it became the modern center for sports competitions and extravaganza as we know it today.

The Vinschgau Railway (Vinschger Bahn)

The new Vinschgau Railway ensures environmentally friendly and comfortable travel, regardless of whether you have a specific destination in mind for the day or you simply want to relax and let the beautiful landscape pass you by. Travel through the Vinschgau region by bike and train: a special attraction for young and old. Cycling gets even better with the Vinschgau Railway. Bike Rental!


The great expanse of water is divided morphologically into two parts. The narrow northern part is flanked by steep mountains, which create the aspect of a wild fjord, while the southern part fans out into a broad shallow basin on which the long, slender peninsula of Sirmione sits.


Livigno, in the heart of the Alpes, offers you its breathtaking nature, its bountiful opportunities for promenading with your whole family in a winter wonderland, enjoying the crisply fresh air, or practising your favourite sports activity...

The Gardens of Trautmannsdorff Castle - Meran

A mild climate and a wealth of southern vegetation can sometimes work wonders. Already around the middle of the 19th century, physicians took advantage of this when they were treating spa guests seeking recreation. The most prominent visitor was the Austrian empress Sisi, who actually used Trauttmansdorff Castle as her winter domicile...

Vintschger Museum Schluderns

Two permanent exhibitions can be seen in the Vintschger Museum: “Archaic Vinschgau” (Archaeology of a Valley in the “Magical Rhaetian Triangle”), “Wasserwosser” (The “Waale” irrigation system in the dry Vinschgau region). To supplement the exhibitions, excursions to prehistoric settlements and a tour of the “Quair Waal” nature trail are offered.

ArcheoParc Schnals – Ötzi Museum

The ArcheoParc Schnals is located at an altitude of 1,500 m in Unser Frau in Schnals in the Vinschgau region. In this open-air archaeology park the past is brought to life. In South Tyrol’s first active archaeology museum, everything focuses on the way of life of the people who inhabited the Schnals valley in Ötzi’s time.

Juval Castle – Reinhold Messner

Juval Castle rises up from steep rocky ground at an airy altitude. In the summer of 1983, Reinhold Messner purchased the semi-ruined Juval Castle on the back of the mountain of the same name, between the Schnals Valley and the Vinschgau region. In addition to private art collections that tell of his travels through various cultures, such as the extensive Tibet Collection or the masks from four continents, the castle itself can also be toured.

Alpine Curiosa

In the Alpine Curiosa Museum in Sulden, mountaineer Reinhold Messner displays Alpinism collections. At the same time, visitors also catch a glimpse behind the scenes of heroic Alpine feats. Sights include everything from yaks to yeti and other dazzling figures as well as special myths of the Alpine world.

Marienberg Monastery

Founded in 1149/50 from Ulrich von Tarasp. The first monks came from the German monastery Ottobeuren. They made Marienberg to the religious and German speaking centre in the raetoromanic neighbourhood. The earls of Matsch sacked the monastery and murdered the abbot. The pestilence, famer-wars and religious differences raged...

Glurns, the smallest town in the Alps

The the smallest town in Tyrol and Italy, an architectural jewel that is loved by everyone who has ever been there. The perfectly preserved circular wall with three massive towers and a number of defense towers surrounds picturesque alleys and corners, private homes from the 16th century, and arcades with a very special charm.

Water Channel Pathways

The so-called "Waale" are very old man-made water channels, still used in many places to irrigate fields and meadows. Along their course, the water can be diverted to various plots of land by means of mini sluice gates. A special regulation called the 'Waalordnung' determines which farmer is entitled to how much water and it is administered by a person appointed by the farmers...

Messner Mountain Museum Ortles

The new mountain museum by Reinhold Messner

Reinhold Messner has created a unique museum in Sulden. The museum is located at the “End of the World Glacier”. At MMM Ortles, Reinhold Messner recounts the terrors of ice and darkness, of snow people and snow lions, of whiteout and the third pole. The museum houses the world’s largest collection of Ortler paintings as well as ice-climbing gear from two centuries.

Opening hours:
from 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closed on Tuesdays

The MMM Ortles is open from the second Sunday in June until the second Sunday in October and from the second Sunday in December until May 1.

The museum is located next to the Yak & Yeti restaurant.

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