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Beautiful Walking Tours

Köstenwaal und Ilzwaal

On this walk, you will come across two irrigation channels, the Kösten (Chestnut) and the Ilz. The Ilz, which runs from the gorge of the outer Schlandraun Valley in the direction of Saint Egidio's Chapel, the landmark of the Sonnenleiten Valley, serves to irrigate the orchard and the vineyard which lie below, and is considered to be a romantic route with a splendid view of the Schlandersberg castle.
  • Total walking time: approx. 2 - 2½ hours.
  • Difference in altitude: approx. 200m - easy walk.

The most beautifull Waalweg

The path along the channel is neither tiring nor difficult and, at 11 Km, is one of the longest in the South Tyrol and in the whole of the Alpine region. At about halfway, the most beautiful path in the Vinschger Sonnenhang valley passes through various levels of vegetation up to Juval castle, owned by Reinhold Messner.
  • Total walking time: approx. 3 hours.
  • Difference in altitude: approx. 200m - easy walk


From Sulden, the Langenstein chairlift leads up to the mountain station at 2330m, then further progress is made on foot for approx. 2 hours, climbing 240m to the lodge which is situated in an impressive high mountain landscape in the immediate vicinity of the Ortler Nordwand (North Face), one of the most rugged walls of ice in the Eastern Alps.

Marble Quarry

The "jewel" of the Vinschgau. On the north side of the Jennwand, at an altitude of over 2000m, a marble quarry was opened in the second half of the nineteenth century. Marble is quarried from an open-cast mine at the Weißwasser (Whitewater) quarry, as well as from cavities 40m high, 100m long and 30m wide which lie terrace-like next to and over one other in the hollow. It is to be reached by taking the forest road (Forstweg) to Ober Tarnell at 1310m; you then proceed on foot from the car park for about 2 hours to the Laas quarry and, following path 10 via Kleinalbi at 1588m to the Göflan Pasture, it will take you approx. 3 hours to get to the Göflan Marble Quarry.

Farm Forra

A walk to the Forrahof farm at 1677m above the Sonnenberg von der Schlandersburg valley. Take path 7 on forest road (Forstweg) 14, passing beneath Tappein, go on to Patsch at a leisurely pace, climbing up to the Faller stream, and you will reach the Egg and Forra farmsteads which are among the most impressive farms which cling to the rocks on this steepest of terrains.
  • Total walking time: approx. 5 hours.
  • Difference in altitude: approx. 850m - demanding walk.


From Sulden, the Kanzel-chairlift ascends to the mountain station at 2348m. This is a high-mountain tour rich in scenery, which leads, without any problems at all, to the lodge where Tibetan yaks graze and where you can scale the 3128m high Rear Schöneckspitze via a difficult rock-path.
  • Total walking time: approx. 6 hours
  • Difference in altitude: approx. 800m.

Loop tour of Prad

The ascent begins at the southern exit of the village site and leads on through meadows as far a the Nittbach (a stream in which tired legs can paddle). The heart of this walk is the mixed woodland which follows and in which we find the most varied tree- and plant-life such as Scotch pine, larch, aspen, birch, flowering ash, juniper, serviceberry, medlar, heather, Scotch heather, scorpion senna and cranberry.
  • Total walking time: approx. 2 hours.
  • Difference in altitude: approx. 100m - easy walk

Guided hikes by certified hiking guides as part of the hiking weeks. In addition to these events, the national park administration also offers a comprehensive hiking and wildlife observation program around the national park.

Weekly events

  • Nordic Walking
  • Prad Loop Hike
  • Art history tours
  • Fine spirit tasting
  • A slideshow presentation is held in the Aquaprad every other week
From the blossom magic in the valley basin to sunny hiking paths with magnificent views into the valley, the Ortler mountain range entices with its three and four thousand meter peaks reaching the airy heights of the glacier regions. Savor nature, peace and quiet, and the fresh mountain air. Sulden resident Kurt is the mountain guide in the Alpine school (Ortler Alpine School) in Sulden.
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