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High-Alpine tours in the National Park

The perfect tour for every requirement!

There's the perfect hike for everyone in the Stelvio National Park. Beautiful family hikes lead for example, over the archaic trail to Stelvio, the Frauwaal irrigation path leads to Lichtenberg or the Nittweg wooded trail. Practised mountain hikers can hike the Piz Chavalatsch, the Glurnser Köpfl or the Rötl and Vertainspitze, real mountaineers can climb the König Ortler (3905 m) and Cevedale (3778 m) with experienced South Tyrolean mountain guides on the eternal ice.

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Camping in South Tirol: Our Offerings

Fresh mountain air, majestic three-thousand metre mountains, glistening lakes and unspoilt forests - that's camping in the midst of nature. Discover our offerings for your camping holiday in the mountains!