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Road racing

Stilfserjoch - Umbrailpass, (2757 m)
With 2.757m above sea level, the Stelvio is (also Stelvio called) the highest mountain pass in Italy and connects Prato with Bormio. The second-highest paved pass in the Alps and impressive insights into the Stelvio National Park (Ortler), the Stelvio Pass is 27 km long, the road was built from 1820 to 1826 by the Austrian Empire with the dreaded 48 numbered bends and has until now hardly changed. After defeating the Stilfser yoke it goes over the Umbrailpass to Santa Maria / Müstair (CH) and through the Munster to Prato. (Do not forget ID card)

Total length: 63,7km - travel time: 5 hours - Height and departure differential: 1930m

Spectacular car-free-day at the Stelvio Pass  - On this popular cycling day, one of the highest alpine passes, the 2760m high Stelvio Pass is to be conquered.

Best Tour: July to early October - WINTERCLOSURE during the winter months from approx. middle of October to approx. end of May.

Ofenpass, (2149 m)
The Ofenpass road located on the eastern border of Switzerland. From Prato allo Stelvio the tour starts over Agums to Lichtenberg. Next 70 km tour goes to Taufers and then to Switzerland - Warning limit: valid ID with picture. From Sta. Maria by one drives the Munster after Valchava, Fuldera and Tschierv and follows direction Zernez counter Ofenpass.

Total length: 70 km - journey time: 4 hours - Height and exit difference: 1870m

The Dreiländergiro is a very popular tour. From Prato allo Stelvio, the tour starts in the direction of the Stelvio, over the pass on the Swiss side direction Umbrailpass and the Engadine to Martina and the Reschenpass back to Prad back.

Total length: 142km - travel time: 8 hours - Height difference downhill: 2100m

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